West Melbourne, VIC

“This apartment in West Melbourne by Adrian Amore Architects is a work of art- a supremely impressive space….. The use of light and the juxtaposition of soft & hard forms help to create a truly breathtaking experience. The apartment is heavily layered with hidden components that continue to reveal themselves. These elements ultimately engage the inhabitant creating breathtaking spatial pauses through occupation. Loft Apartment is exemplary design that is truly a breath of fresh air.”

jury comment
AIDA Residential Design Award 2014

Poetics of form standing equally as important as function, both working symbiotically.

Walls tear, bend and converge in this loft apartment interior housed in a former butter factory in West Melbourne. A sculptural stair sits at the converging point in the space, twisting dramatically, and soaring up towards a roof terrace which overlooks the city of Melbourne.

A monochrome palate of white on white with charcoal and black plays with the abundant natural light, which is drawn in from the large north facing windows and ceiling void.

An essentially open ground floor plan is defined by bending, wrapping walls which contain a bathroom, laundry and storage spaces. Sliding doors further create the opportunity for expanding or containing, depending on how the ground floor is used, whether it be as a studio, bedroom or for entertaining.

Innovation through breaking down conventional approaches to spatial planning in domestic architecture.

“Loft Apartment, West Melbourne is a truly exceptional apartment that is distinguished by its fresh interpretation of design and its unique qualities. Not driven by trends, this project forges new ground in residential interior design of this type…

The spatial planning within the apartment reveals the hand of the designer; a skilful hand that expertly creates and explores volume, plasticity and light, culminating in an interior that is invigorating, sumptuous and liveable.”

jury comment
AIDA Interior Design & Excellence Award 2014

“This reworking of an existing loft-style apartment in inner Melbourne brings an operatic virtuosity to a conventional two-storey warehouse volume..... This apartment is a masterful embodiment of form and function”

jury comment
HOUSES Apartment Award 2014

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Photography by Fraser Marsden.