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Adrian Amore Architects

An award winning practice, with a focus on creating architecture through a rigorous design process, using ingenuity, invention + craft.


Adrian Amore Architects is an award-winning practice, with accolades that include The Australian Interior Design Awards Premier Award for Excellence and Innovation, Best of State Residential Design, National winner Residential Design, and HOUSES Awards winner, Apartment category.
It is a design-focussed practice that prides itself on providing unique, innovative & poetic architectural outcomes for its clients. Each project provides a set of unique possibilities for the exploration of ideas and concepts. The practice is committed to responding to these possibilities through a rigorous design process, which seeks to produce outcomes tailored to the needs of its clients whilst staying true its Architectural vision.


Adrian Amore Architects is a full-service architectural practice committed to undertaking projects throughout all phases of building procurement - from sketch design through to the end of construction. It prides itself on challenging conventional approaches to architecture whilst meeting the requirements of its clients throughout every stage of the project.


Premier Award

Best of State Award

Winner Residential Design

Award for Apartment or Unit Category


...challenging conventional approaches to architecture.


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We welcome career applications. Please email your CV to aa@aaarchitects.com.au